Below is an overview of reports that are a result of ESI research. 

  • Creating a Domain Specific Language (DSL) with Xtext; Arjan Mooij, Jozef Hooman V5.2,
    2017-03-05 – Eclipse Neon; Radboud University Nijmegen and TNO-ESI; TNO-ESI manual
  • Advanced Xtext Manual on Modularity; Arjan Mooij, Kostas Triantafyllidis, and Jozef Hooman V2.0,;
    2017-01-30 – Eclipse Neon; Radboud University Nijmegen and TNO-ESI; TNO-ESI manual
  • TNO-ESI Symposium Proceedings 2013; Roland Mathijssen (ed.);  ESI Report No. 2013–1  (13.8MB)
  • ESI Symposium Proceedings 2012; Roland Mathijssen (ed.);  ESI Report No. 2012–1  (6.8MB)
  • ESI Symposium Proceedings 2010; Roland Mathijssen (ed.);  ESI Report No. 2010–1  (9.7MB)
  • ESI Symposium Proceedings 2009; Roland Mathijssen (ed.);  ESI Report No. 2009–1  (11.7MB)
  • ESI Symposium Proceedings 2008; Roland Mathijssen (ed.);  ESI Report No. 2008–3  (4.2MB)
  • Architecting competences in Value Networks - Active  (4.4MB)
  • Tilt-tray Sorters modelled with UPPAAL; Roelof Hamberg; 2008; ESI Report No. 2008–2  (1.8MB)
  • An Assessment of Research Topics for Future Consumer Smart Environments as Identified in GENESYS;
    M. Borth & S. van Loo;  2009; ESI report, ESI – Nokia Confidential
  • Dependability for High-Tech Systems: an Industry-as-Laboratory Approach;
    Ed Brinksma & Jozef Hooman; 2008; ESI Report No. 2008-1  (230kB)