TNO-ESI's research programme

TNO-ESI's research programmes focus on the development of technology, processes and engineering methods needed to stay at the cutting edge of embedded systems design and engineering. It is our goal to raise embedded systems design from a craft to a scientifically based engineering discipline.

Our exploratory research programmes investigate some of the major long term research challenges presented by embedded systems engineering in the areas of performance, reliability, security and adaptability.

Our applied research programmes mainly focus on the application domains of professional systems, high-volume products, high integrity and safety-critical embedded systems, and systems-of-systems applications.

In addition to our core research programmes, we are also building a Network of Excellence that brings together thought leaders from other fields, who can bring new insights into the design and implementation of embedded systems.

The outcome of our research activities is a set of methods and tools for high-tech embedded systems design and development. Each of the individual results has proven value demonstrated on real industrial cases.